John Stewart is full of win

Jon Stewart makes a great comeback to Huckabee, Heterosexual Questionnaire-style: “At what age did you choose to not be gay.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In Canada, here or here (not sure which).

Also, check out this post on what marriage would look like if we followed Biblical scripture.

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  1. That was an astounding list of Biblical definitions of marriage.

    I would have liked to see Jon Stewart put in a plug for scaling down our obsession with marriage in the first place. Well, baby steps, I guess. . . He puts Huckabee in his place (with muddy maggots in week-old road kill), but if Stewart would just say *one* line questioning about why we put marriage on a pedestal as a universal unalienable human right in the first place, at the expense of uncoupled people–that would be a great step against singlism *and* against homophobia. Just one sentence–look at the power he has–the audience goes crazy whenever he says something totally obvious. (So do I, so do I. . .)

    CC at Onely

  2. I know what you mean…baby steps, but it also wouldn’t take much to at least put out the suggestion that marriage centrism is also discriminatory, especially in terms of our troubling policies regarding single parenting and poverty reduction.

    Stewart really got a lot of flak from feminists for not then going after Huckabee for his abortion comments….I have to remember that it’s a semi-spontaneous interview, and he was drilling him on this one issue. I can’t expect him to take on the world with his 8 minutes…but dropping a one-liner, as you suggest, is actually pretty related to the gay marriage conversation (that families have not always “looked” the same over time), so it’s disappointing in that respect, but also good on him for pushing it with Huckabee.

    A mixed bag, perhaps?

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